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Why "" is the biggest booking website in the world?

Overview : It is an electronic reservation system that saves information and data and makes the reservation process, which was used by the airlines in the beginning, the site also relied on the use of the right methods in the field of Digital Marketing, which is distinct from other sites such as "Expedia".

What is it that the site "" is distinguished from other sites?

The site achieved a huge number of visits in August 2015 and this was through Direct Traffic, and this was the length of months of the year hostile months, but September and November, and founders of the site decided that the best way to increase visits in time would be Paid Search and Display Ads. What are the methods has been used?

One of the reasons for the success of the site is the correct use of SEO Methods, which was showing the site in the early search results, and by using the "words" and "Link Referrals", which most users search for in Google.

Digital marketing is not just a commodity and it is necessary to achieve sales but is to identify the need for each customer and facilitate the search process in a few minutes and that done by indirectly.

If you decide, for example, you choose a place, and this place will be at the time you are expensive, the site will offer you other places to be in the same level, but at a lower price.

It also follows the transparency system and shows the last user who entered the hotel.

Finally, it connects you indirectly through Call to Action and advises you on the page that the places are limited and that now the best time you can book in because in one place.

The Engagement, which is considered one of the most important factors that give up any brand is spreading widely, and this is what the work of the site by announcing the competition to tell people in which they enjoy the summer and photographed the best times that they enjoyed and converted to GIFs and that the best picture will win a prize Site.

The whole world is still using the means of digital marketing and this is because it remained an easy way through which you can reach different types of customers in less time and cost is not large compared to traditional methods, if you know the right methods are used to work this.

So if you want to make a website like Booking click here to read more info.

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