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If you want to shine online like a star , then Brandrox is your perfect start. It let’s you display your products, services , articles, contacts and more...
What is Brandrox ?
Brandrox provides a portfolio website built with cutting edge technologies to provide an extremely unique and flexible experience, it consists of an easy flexible dashboard integrated with a portfolio website to control, manage website content and communicate with your clients in a fraction of second.

Brandrox also allows you to add blogs and articles about your company updates / opportunities, this system has been built with cutting edge technologies which give you a series of important features like (SEO integration: integrated with SEO (Search engine optimization) tools, Responsive design fits with all screen sizes and Browser's compatibility).
Plus the ability to add system managers and authorize their authorities, so they can add and edit content, photos, description whenever they want and for any page they need to change.
Get Now:
A Portfolio website where you can expose your products/services /latest news and to update all these information whenever you want.
Website & Control Panel Features: 
  1. High-Quality designs, simple, 8 elegant pages.
  2. SEO Ready.
  3. One page design.
  4. Auto Slider.
  5. About us page.
  6. Products page.
  7. Services/projects page.
  8. Blog page.
  9. Jobs page.
  10. Contact us page.
  11. Push notification to users.
  12. Main control panel.
  13. Adding managers to the control panel.
  14. Edit and add products and services.
  15. Edit photos and data.
  16. Full statistics.
  17. Checking web browsing data.
  18. Receive contact us messages.
  19. Responsive design.
  20. Free lifetime support.
  21. The website supports two languages.
  22. Powerful Hosting.
  23. Unlimited e-mail accounts.

Your Website Endless Features

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 8 .png

High Quality Designs

All templates of this system are designed based on the latest studies and designs of UX taking into account the presence of elements to dazzle the user interfaces UI by using the methods of unconscious guidance for users to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the location of each information.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 7 .png

SEO Ready

This feature opens all search engine doors for you to control through your control panel and update your search keywords and list all the words and vocabulary of your site to search engines to be searchable and automatically ready, so any change made website data will reflect on search engines, and this will increase your website ranking on search engines dramatically.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 12 .png

One Page Design

One page displays all website pages of the site, like company's products, services, news, team, and contact information, which allows clients to get a fast look over your products and services.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 17 .png

Auto Slider

Auto photo slider to display latest products photos or recently added projects / services, or display concept or believes that the company wants to promote on website’s front page.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 10 .png

About Us Page

This page displays information about your company, its origins, goals, vision, founders and expansion plans.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 20 .png

Products Page

All products can be browsed and you’ll view listed products according to product’s category (picture of the product – product’s name - short description ...)
You can also search this page for (product name - product type … - offers products).

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 25 .png

Services Or Projects

All services can be browsed and you’ll view listed services according to product’s category (picture of the services – service name - short description ...)
You can also search this page for (product name - service type … - offers services).

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 6 .png

Plog Page

Add an infinite number of articles and news, also you can add interesting content to your clients.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 23 .png

Jobs Page

Add an infinite number of positions, vacancies, and specifications of applicants, in addition to an application form that allows applicants to immediately send their data and CVs.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 27 .png

Contact Us Page

There is a separate page with all the contact details, and from it it’s possible to send a private message with leaving the user details such as (email - phone number - message)

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 9 .png

Users Push  Notifications

Admin can send free or automatic messages from the control panel if there are new ads or news.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 4 .png

Simple CPanel

Smart & Simple  control panel, to control and manage website content also to get analytics about users/usage.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 1 .png

CPanel Manager Roles

Add an infinite number of managers to control and manage your website with ease, also you can setup / modify their roles and authorities.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 24 .png

Edit Products Or Services

Edit all products/services and gain control on all data such as (name - icon or expressive image ...).You also can rearrange products, services, …. etc 

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 26 .png

Photo & Data Editing

You can modify or add any image to any product or service.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 21 .png

Full Statistics

Dashboard to view all website details regarding (number of products - services - articles - categories – visitors- …. etc).

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 2 .png

Data Analytics

You can get more detailed users’ or visitor’s data per day or per month, to understand more their behavior and their most attractive sections.

Icon tamplet size gredient new - 15 .png

Contact Us Emails

Receive messages and communications easily, while receiving notifications by e-mail if there is new communication.

Brandrox Pricing


Enjoyed working with Approcks, a creative team, focused on details ans surpassing your expectations, Highly recommended.

 Dr. Omar Shokry 


Sincerely thanks and praise for what we have seen from the fruitful and constructive cooperation in the design of our website and mobile application. Special thanks to Mr. Tamim for his cooperation.

 Mr. Moustafa Gamal 

 IT Manager, Mansour Development 

Proud to cooperate with a young entity that has the competence, experience, vision, and will to grow, and I look forward to continuing cooperation with you.

 Mr. Mohamed Salah 

 CEO, Media Pioneers 

Great Features You Get With Brandrox

HQ Awesome Designs.

Services Pages.

Full Statistics and Analytics.

Website SEO Ready.

Blogs & News Pages.

Responsive Website Design.

All Website Sections.

Jobs & Careers Page.

Free Life Time Support.

Auto-scrolling Sliders.

Responsive Contact US Page. 

Website Multilingual Ready.

About Us Page.

Send Push Notifications.

Powerful Hosting Servers.

Products Pages.

Simple Smart Brandrox CPanel.

Ongoing New Features.

  1. We provide any customized attributes to fit your specific needs.

  2. We provide your optimum needs with affordable prices.

  3. Professional customer support & quality of services.

  4. Experienced talented Web & App developers.

  5. Your business success is our main objective.

  6. We offer Unlimited  free technical support.

  7. We are flexible, agile and cost effective.

  8. We provide a lot of plans for installments.

  9. We offer strong cloud servers, also you can host on premises on your server.

Why Choose 




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Your Best Choice for Services Or Products


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For Startups, Services, Products


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For Corporate, Organizations ,Products


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H - Code,
Real Estate, Projects, Services


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IT Company, Services


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Factories, Products


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Services, Consultancy


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Booking, Services, Clinics


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Factory, Products, Services


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