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Why Amazon buy zappos for 1Billion?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

The beginning of the idea: The beginning of the creation of the "Zappos" store was named "" but they decided to change its name to "Zappos", a word close to the Spanish word shoes, which is distributed in the United States.

Zappos is regarded as a big store to sell all kinds and colors of shoes and hoping to make an expansion in the future to sell clothes and anything else.

Zappos development stages: Zappos gained profits of $ 1.6 million in the year 2000, after one year of the establishment of the Zappos, The profits continued to increase to one billion In 2009, Zappos joined Amazon with a deal worth $ 1 billion.

There are many factors that have helped the success of the Zappos: every idea and every person wants to succeed depends on the factors that helped to success and these factors that helped the Zappos owners are.

The importance of "quality" and service so their Slogan is "Powered by Service

Adopted the simplicity of design and smoothness in order to facilitate the customer to quickly access every product looking for.

The return policy and they give the customer a period of one month to retrieve the product to those who want to retrieve any product and all that contributes to their success

"Free Delivery" Your product will be delivered at no "charge, Continuous offers and discounts also contributed to the success of Zappos.

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