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What do you think about Uber's acquisition of Careem ?

Uber officially announced its acquisition of Careem for $ 3.1 billion, but Uber did not pay the cash, Uber paid $ 1.4 billion cash, and the rest of the $ 1.7 billion went to Uber for $ 55 per share Uber is considered to be worth $ 120 billion, according to the latest report of IPO.

Uber is a transport network company based in San Francisco Uber offers transportation of all kinds, such as Taxi, Bus, Escoter and delivers eats.

Finally this news show how is the booking car system is so important and will take a0 lot of cares Approcks also has Bocar system with a lot of features you can check it click on it to get more info.

 What do you think about the acquisition?

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