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SWVL is an Egyptian success story

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Overview :

SWVL is an Egyptian mobile app that was created to facilitate the daily commute of Egyptians. The bus transportation network aims at reinventing urban mass transit by providing buses to every part in Cairo. The founding objective of SWVL is to facilitate and improve the movement of bus takers in Egypt by providing a fast, comfortable, and affordable ride. Through the SWVL app, anyone can view, book, and track fixed-route bus trips at very reasonable prices.

Story :

A great business idea is one that comes to solve a problem or many problems and this is exactly how SWVL came to life. With the never-ending traffic on the Egyptian streets (especially in Cairo) and the poor public transportation quality, Mostafa Kandil, Mahmoud Nouh, and Ahmad Sabbah had an idea to help daily commuters through the traffic and transportation struggle. Being a former employee of a successful ride-hailing app based in Dubai, Mostafa had enough knowledge and experience to found a startup in this field with his longtime friends Mahmoud Nouh and Ahmad Sabbah. The 3 founders wanted to provide Egyptian daily commuters with a transportation option that combines the comfort and efficiency of ride-hailing services on the one hand, and the cheap costs of public transportation on the other. Mostafa quit his job in February 2017 and launched SWVL in March. The three 24-year old founders succeeded in creating an app that attracted thousands of investors within 4 months of it’s launching. The 3 founders were selected in the 30 Under 30 list of ForbesMiddleEast which includes the most remarkable and successful 30 young people in the Middle East. The SWVL team’s success story has spilled ink from news giants such as CNN and Forbes. The founders believe that SWVL can achieve more growth in the future and the first words on the SWVL website reveal where the app is headed; Swvl is reinventing the daily commute of Egyptians and soon the world.

Features :

Choosing pickup and dropoff; users can check addresses and save them as favorites to use later. Picking the most convenient routes SWVL provides users with the most convenient routes for them in terms of time and distance. Easy payment; users pay for SWVL through a simple click on the app. Tracking SWVL bus trips through the app; users can view and track SWVL buses in real-time. Reliable and Safe : SWVL buses go on a straight line to save time, they provide clients with live updates on bus locations. High Quality meets Low Prices SWVL provides comfortable seats and transportation conditions at 50% to 80% cheaper prices than the rest of on-demand services. So if you want to make an app like Swvl click here to read more info

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