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Novo Nordisk HMS | Welcome On Board

Approcks team is honored to announce starting analysis and development to produce Novo Nordisk HMS hospital management system, which is aimed at all Egyptian hospitals that serve all patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes and Hemophilia. The project has been started in April 2020 and expected to deliver it in Sep. 2020. Such a system expected to save the hospital management team around 3 wasted hours daily, increase management system efficiency, and reduce infection probability in each hospital. We hope this project will help our medical system during fighting coronavirus.

And to be able to design an efficient system we studied hospitals departments hierarchy here in Egypt first

Based on this study we concluded the following key features:

Please check the following diagram which summarizes a lot of system advantages:

Instant view for hospital performance:

Keep an eye on this project if you are interested in health care systems, will post system updates soon.

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