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10 features Must Have, To Be The Best Car Booking App

Bocar can be considered as one of the best mobile apps of all car booking software ever. car booking applications like Uber and Careem has given the consumer the ease of use and the simplicity of dealing with the application features and settings . Seeing the success of those apps drive many businesses to invest and create application for car booking.

Bocar add some custom features to their app to lead the market of the industry. The process should be efficient, easy, and provides many benefits.

Car booking system must be highly interactive, user friendly, and easy to use.

This online car booking software represents cab-hiring platforms that have their own cars or vehicles. They offer the rental service of their car to any client order a lift or a ride.

Examples of car booking system in Egypt

· Uber

· Careem

· Swvl

Basic features for booking apps:

The most simple layout of the online booking app must be interactive and impressive. All the features must be well defined and should focus on serving the consumer well and keep in mind their requirements.

1- User guide:

After downloading the app a user guide which should simplify every aspect of the app, It must guide the users to important mobile features .

2- Sign up easy:

The sign up form must be easy, simple and sort, letting the user have the option to sign up using the mobile or no e-mail or even social media bottom. Only asking the important questions

3- Booking process:

The next step they should go on with it is the cab booking space, which will require them to, fill out where they want go or selecting the place depends on GPS location.

4- Save my location feature:

The user should have the option to save his/her favorite place according to their movements, automation saving their most ordering rides like home or work, this feature is very important to customer satisfaction.

5- Time of the cab arrival:

When the user order a cab, they have the right to be aware of the time he will wait until the cab arrive to them, so you give him the option to cancel if the cab is far from the location.

6- Add the feature of scheduling a ride:

If the rider wants to book a cab for a later time in the day when he/she is traveling to the airport to catch a flight, then they should have this feature. So, add the feature to schedule a cab and select the type for a future traveling plan later in the day.

7- Confirmation and details:

After the cab is booked, the user must get the full details like cab no, driver name and most important price. A rate card should also be present so that the user knows how the charges were made.

8- Feature to calculate the price before:

The online taxi booking app must have a feature that calculates the price of the ride and let the users know before they say yes to the ride.

9- Review and rating system:

After the ride is completed the user should be asked about their ride experience and review so that you can serve them better in the future. This can be done by using a 5-star rating system, and a small optional review.

10- History of rides taken:

All the rides taken by the user in the past must be listed in a section with details about the pickup and drop location as well as price. This helps to deal with any problem that may come up in the future.

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