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Improve your sales team with customized CRM system From Approcks

Approcks CRM system helps you increase your leads and communicate with customers, get informative data about your business, build an effective sales force process, and grow your business faster. 

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management. 

 a CRM system allows businesses to manage  relationships and the flow of data and information associated with them.

With CRM, you can store customer and prospect contact information, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities in one central location, ideally in the cloud so the information is accessible by many, in real time. 

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Easy to use

  • Simple user interface with a least learning curve.

  • Immediately Start, begin your set up and selling right now.

  • Easy migration from spreadsheets and other CRM systems


  • automating your entire process in your business.

  • more interacting with your customers and less on manually entering data.

  • accurate analytics and Efficient reports that helps you in your decision-making process.


  • Your own customized CRM system according to your business needs.

  • Effortless dealing with your business details that you use daily.

  • High rate adaptability to meet any of your business needs.

:سهولة الاستخدام:

.نظام بسيط و سهل التعامل معه-

البداية علي الفور في نفس اليوم، ابدأ في الإعداد والبيع الآن-.

.سهولة الترحيل من جداول البيانات وأنظمة CRM الأخرى-



.تلقائية التشغيل للعملية بالكامل-.

.تفاعل أكثر مع عملائك و عمل ورقي اقل-.

تحليلات دقيقة وتقارير فعالة تساعدك في عملية القرارات-




.المخصص الخاص بك وفقًا لاحتياجات عملك CRM نظام-.

.التعامل بدون جهد مع تفاصيل عملك التي تستخدمها يوميًا-.

.التكيف لتنفيذ احتياجات عملك-.

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