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Software solution serves pharmacies, restaurants, and supermarkets. Available to Android for iOS Devices.

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ORDOX is a general system for any service provider who needs to provide interactive services from a smart-phone application. The system is including User Application, Service Provider Application, and Delivery Boy Application. It is developed to provide an all-rounded software solution for multi-store shopping & delivery.


Smart Purchasing Experience

Your users will be very excited to see your wide variety of products from multiple categories with ease.

Unlimited Offers

Let your users explore all ongoing offers on products provided by different sale options via your products management software.

Order Tracking & History

Users can view all active orders and track them, and view a list of previous orders as well.

Real-Time Order Status

Users can view the status of any active order in real-time. In-app Push Notifications are sent with each status update.

Delivery Boy Info

Your user feels much safe when they can view all delivery boy profile info like Image, Full Name, Mobile Number, Previous Rating, and their route on google maps.

Referrals & Promo-codes

Let your loyal user base enjoy promo codes and share referrals to their friends and families.