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Collex is an integrated delivery software especially for food delivery and in-city shipping business. With Collex managing, your store deliveries have never been so easy, manage both orders and scheduled deliveries all on one solution.


Control Panel

Get a smart control panel to manage all delivery or colleting operations with the ability to add unlimited admins and Collectors and create your database.

Delivery tracking

Flexible system to track any kind of orders (collection orders, work orders, and delivery orders).


You can get a full report about your delivery or collection boys’ performance over a specified date.

Wallet management

Admin can view current cash collected of each delivery boy, Reset daily wallet and track delivery boy on the map.

Order Viewer

Allowed to see all order details (User Info, Address, Items, and final receipt collection).

Bluetooth printer

A portable pocket Bluetooth printer can be connected with the Mobile App to print receipts immediately.