Kiwihat Application for easy shopping.


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Approcks company has made great success from “the success partners” of our loyal customers and Approcks team has prepared a new team spirit challenge.

The team has developed a new application by the latest technologies that matches the market.

It is an application that helps you shop and buy your daily needs from (grocery, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and more ...)
You will get your orders at your doorstep without any extra fees.

Our team mission did not end up by developing the application.. 
Our team has organized 4 events on pyramids gardens club, which included an explanation of the application, customer registration, photographing , kids activities and gifts for the attendance.

Approcks  team continues developing Kiwihat to cover all over Egypt.
Kiwihat available now on google store and will be soon at apple store:
You can keep updated for the latest updates through Kiwihat official page: