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You may feel that your internet is slow and you think it might be a problem occurred, your device has a problem, the problem of the router or perhaps a problem with the connection, but it will likely be in your IP address. If you have a Static IP Address, it may be a slow internet speed for this reason, but this doesn't mean that it's the basic problem in the most cases the reasons for slow internet speed, with knowing that the Static IP isn't much different from the Dynamic IP address, but there are several other important differences.


Whichever is the best? This is not the question that should be asked, but is supposed to know the characteristics of each IP address to decide what you need, therefore, to decide if your choice is right or not.

First, the Static IP is the attributes of the Internet is very important for any commercial enterprise, it is a static address does not change whatever you restart the router, this type does not get it free, but by reference to the company responsible for your internet line and submit them to request Using Static IP with the payment of the cost of the service. The Static IP Address is major for companies to run its server and to increase the internet speed by saving your browser Cookies. It won't be re-loaded each time you open your browser, but the disadvantages of this type that because it is hacked easily, through knowing the address of your IP address. It is possible to hack if the hacker is professional. This type requires a high degree of protection.


As for the Dynamic IP Address is changed after each time you restart the router, which makes your browser loads of Cookies every time you open your browser, this may take some seconds only, either on the operation of the server on the internet using this type is not possible because this way you will need to enter the IP address each time you turn on the Internet, on the other hand, the Dynamic IP address has a characteristic is that a high level of safety and protection, and if you felt that someone hacked you internet, you should just restart the router again.