Muldoon's Men’s Wear



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Muldoon's Men’s Wear  is a retail store specializing in selling men's clothing and accessories. The business was originally started in 1950 and focuses on selling big and tall clothing to men. Until 1996 when they moved to an online strategy, they operated out of their storefront. The primary customer base before their online operations existed in and around an area within 80 miles of the store.


The primary reason for moving the business online was to attract a different customer base. Muldoons wanted to continue their market thrust and decided they needed a strategy that would broaden their customer base. Their strategy consisted of moving the business online to attract more customers from a broader geographic region.


At first, they chose to sell only inexpensive items such as undergarments and socks. In a pilot test of online selling, the owner was able to judge the reaction of customers. As customers became more familiar with the site and the target market expanded, more products were added to the site.


Problems with Initial E-Commerce Approach


Although Muldoons initial approach to e-commerce turned out to be very successful, they believe they should have focused more attention on aspects of the regular business functions. One important function that was overlooked from the beginning was inventory management. Initially, Muldoons did not have a problem handling the amount of inventory that was needed and demanded. As the site expanded and more and more products were offered, the lead-time for orders kept increasing due to the lack of on- hand inventory.


Current E-Commerce Strategy

Currently Muldoons has an effective and strong e-commerce strategy in place. Muldoons operates in both the brick and mortar and online mode. Their current goal is to expand their online operations. This includes placing a more diverse set of products on the site, thus having the ability to broaden their customer base. By placing the business on the Internet, Muldoons has seen an increase in sales. The “old” customer base, which existed before the business was online, began to recognize the convenience of the site. Customers with a geographic location close to store could now go online and view what products Muldoons had to offer. They had the choice to order online or to go to the store itself and purchase the product.


Suppliers Relationship


Another important aspect of Muldoons' current e-commerce strategy is their relationship with their suppliers. As the site became more popular and the customer base expanded more vendors were attracted to selling to Muldoons. The wholesalers saw the importance of establishing a good working relationship with Muldoons to market their products. Since then Muldoons has formulated a strategy with their vendors in which they will actively market their suppliers products and the vendors will actively market Muldoons’ web site as a source as to where to buy their products.

A customer centric model is the key to an effective business model and an e-commerce strategy. A concept called "Relationship Marketing" is used. This means that Muldoons has developed a relationship with its customer based on trust and service. By continually fulfilling its obligations of providing the customers with a product and service in a timely fashion, Muldoons has expanded their customer base.