How did you imagine the first website launched in history?


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How did you imagine the first website launched in history?

The first Web site in history was launched in 1989 and has been established for 25 years by the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

He currently works at Oxford University,

The first page of this site was specialized in the exchange of information among employees of the Center in 1991, thus forming the basis of the existing Internet.

The function of the site was to provide users around the world with information on the Internet, in order to access documents and pages on the web through the addresses of the site, while the use of the Internet was limited by defense organizations and academic institutions.

The goal of 'me' from the site was to link the information exchanged between users on the Internet, in order to help them discover the facts, create ideas, buy and sell things, and establish new relationships faster over a wide range. As well as the opportunity to search for electronic documents on the Internet easily and quickly.

Upon entering the site you will find basic information on how to open the home page, in addition to the Internet.

The site contains definitions and concepts related to the means of interference list known as "Next" ..

Tim was among the warriors censored by "www", an acronym for "World Wide Web"

It means the World Wide Web

They are defined as: a set of computers on the network, each containing specially designed web pages (websites) using special programming languages

Such as "HTML and CSS"

The WWW is not all the Internet as some think, but part of it and one of its technologies and applications

It was called the "Web" for its extension and interconnectedness in the whole world, similar to the spider web

You can browse the site from that link