The difference between building native websites and using WordPress


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First of all, we need to know how both of these solutions works and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, and websites builder, and it relay on features like include a plugin architecture and a template system.


1- Easy to use

It doesn't require any programming skills to build your website using WordPress.

2- Time-saving

You can build a website using WordPress in one day if you just need a simple website.

3- Cost

You can reduce the cost by using free templates and  



1- security

the biggest disadvantage of WordPress is its security. WordPress is an Open Source platform, and it relies heavily on plugins and themes for customisation. Both the plugins and the themes are developed by different people and companies and since there isn’t anyone monitoring them, they can easily contain bugs or malicious code lines.

2- Updates

Let’s say you are using WordPress version 4.1 and the company releases a newer version 4.2 for example, updates can often render parts of your theme or some plugins usable. The more plugins you use, the more likely it is for you to encounter more compatibility problems.

3- Customisation needs Coding

To make certain change your WordPress site, you have to possess HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge. If you want to personalize in a unique way, or to enhance its design, you need to hire a professional programmer or company to develop a custom plugin.

4- Can be expensive

While the WordPress itself is free, when looking at the whole picture there are significant costs. WordPress relies on plugins and themes for customisation, and while there are some that are free, they are not always reliable or safe. Furthermore, if you want your website to stand out and your visitors to have a great you have to buy a theme, and plugins, as the free ones are overused.



5- unexceptional Design
Using the free theme, and plugins will make your website looks like another website as the free ones are overused,
and that’s not professional for your business.


Native Websites:
Here the process starts from scratch, firstly the UX-UI Designers will work on designing the website and after that

developers team will work on building the website, then testing engineers and quality managers will make sure that everything is working great and bug free so you can have a fully functional website.





1- unique
As we mentioned before in Native Websites everything is being built from scratch, so you can design your website the way you want and make it as unique as possible.

2- Security
It’s more secure to build a Native Website because it’s not relaying on open source templates and plugins, and you have the source code, even if the programing language is open source language but the code formula is unique so no one know it but you.

3- Fast
Usually Native Website takes a much faster loading time than “CMS” ones and that’s help a lot with “SEO”.

4- Customization
You can actually do whatever you want on Native Websites and build all the features that suits your business needs.


1- Time

It takes more time to build Native Websites than build “CMS”, and this is because a lot of teams work together to build it and they do it from scratch.

2- Complicated Process
Not everybody can build Native Websites you have to be aware of programing and coding skills, unlike “CMS” websites anyone can build it.

At the end the choice is yours, but we prefer the Native Websites for the reasons we’ve mentioned, and we offer a lot of solutions to provide the best experience to our customers.