The advantages of E-commerce website over traditional retails


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At the beginning let’s see what an e-commerce website is?

E-commerce websites are an online shop where you can offer your products and services and potential customers can buy your products online.

So what e-commerce websites really offers you as a retailer or a business owner?

1- Global Reach:

When you have a physical store you are limited to a certain location and can reach the customers in your surrounding areas only, but with the e-commerce website, you can reach customers all over the world.

2- Decrease costs:

It's more cost-efficient and cheaper to build an e-commerce website rather than building a physical store.

3- it’s more easy and convenient to buy online:

Customers don’t have to go all the way to your retail and waste their time simply they will order from their home in a few minutes process, and nowadays customers actually prefer to buy their needs online.

4- open All day long:

The ability to be open 24/7 and customers can reach you at any time of the day so it’s more convenient, that’s a very powerful advantage and you can’t do that with the traditional retail.

5- you can gain new customers from SEO:

E-commerce websites gain a lot of new visitors from online search results and 93% of buying decisions actually happen after an online search process, that means there are a lot of customers that search for your products every day,

Unlike traditional retail, you only get new customers by branding or word of mouth.

All of these features make E-commerce the right choice at this new digital Era.