Website vs. Mobile App: Which is the Best option for Your business?


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When you decide to build your business online presence should you consider building only a website or Mobile App as well or go with just one of them.

We’re going to help you with that decision, So, first of all, let’s see what’s the advantages of both solutions :

The website:

Having a website nowadays is an essential thing for every business and there is a lot of customers online looking for your products and services so it’s so important to have a website.

Also, it’s important for your business image, having a website makes your company look more professional and reliable.

The website plays an important role in being your store or the place that your customers can find anything they are looking for.

You can also benefit from SEO and make your website appear in the first pages in search results.  

You can optimize your website to be a mobile-friendly, that means it can be opened on any smartphone and it will be fully functional.

Your website is already there instantly accessible to users via a browser, unlike the Mobile Apps users have to download it first.

The website can be opened on any kind of devices, unlike the Mobile App you have to build a version for Android and another one for ios.

Users can easily share and send your website URL on any platform they want.

The mobile apps:

No internet connection required to use mobile apps, so if your products or services don’t require an internet connection it’s more convenient to build a mobile app.

Smartphone users spend more time on apps, they actually spend 86% of their time.

The ability to send push notifications and instant updates to your customers and they will receive these notifications regardless they open the app or not.

Applications are usually faster than websites, and that’s because they store their data locally on your device so data retrieval happens faster.

If your product is a game you certainly should build an app.

If your service use smartphones function like the camera or the GPS for example then the mobile app will be a better choice.

Eventually, your business requirements will be the judge here either you go with the website or the mobile app.