Future Developers or Makers..?


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Is it easy to design your Google library?

The answer is why not? Of course, you can, but it is not that easy things, may you have enough knowledge to judge the reality of things, but this is not enough to be the main arbiter in such matters, do you ask yourself how show you this quantity of search results in Google through type one word?

Did you ever ask yourself how are you getting your interests in the News Feed page on Facebook?

Do you ask yourself who is controlling this quantity of information, a human being or something else?

While doing field research, such as, limit the targeted places, develop a model for this research model, then start to interact with them, receive the results, that the general assembly then sorting by according to analyze the general criteria to more precise details and then you produce the final outcome of the search!

A series of accurate outcome may seem in a number, a word, may seem absolutely wrong! What if Google performs such operations millions of times per second, in fact, Google does not own all those human power to do this, but he has adequate developers doing for these operations, started relying on programming languages such as CSS/Python/HTML5/Java script to become future industry depends on artificial intelligence, may spend nights trying to search for one word in Google without artificial intelligence, but any easier ways, developing and modified or make it from the beginning?

Android applications are the most known for smartphones programmers which have the availability potential amendment to recording existing programming on it, which may help the adjustment process and the update of the errors contained occur, this property has become the idea of designing an Android application is more flexible, and on the other side of the design of electronic iOS application system process still more complex, which opens us a new path for the future industry through the application of the Ready-made the difference that the latest in the world of technology, turned it from programming and change codes only to build artificial intelligence through applications equipped with direct commands, the industry was cut short on us time and effort, bringing you get a range of services between your hands in the application of your phone and can interact with you directly, has recently the property is developed more effectively, bringing the Facebook fluent analysis of user behavior is very good.

It is clear that the artificial intelligence applications and the Ready-made languages of the JavaScript / Python have become the future of technology and industry portal for the future. Is it the beginning of another Steve Jobs? Or are we on the threshold of Recoding age? Of course, the road has become difficult and technology is progressing in the way that Steve Jobs wanted, but where to? Where will you be for the next generation of technology?

To be sure, it now requires more dynamism, a combination of artificial intelligence and multiplicity. The end has to be the concept of how to convert your library to your Google, and you will certainly control the properties of this system, finally.